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Giving and Receiving Quality Feedback: Culture Is Key

The Millennial generation’s entrance into the workforce has prompted much research on managing and motivating this distinct group of employees. A major recurring theme from these studies is Millennials’ need for constant feedback. They want to know if they are meeting their manager’s expectations if their contributions are viewed as valuable, and even if they are appreciated for their unique personal characteristics.

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Is It Time To Update Your Style?

In interviews and “get to know you” sessions, leaders are often asked to identify their leadership style, as if there is just one style that will carry them through their careers.  This expectation is certainly not true when it comes to selecting our style of dress. No matter how cute your new swimsuit is it will never be appropriate work wear. And while a suit and tie may be in order when it comes welcoming parents at Back To School Night, a good pair of worn out “dad jeans” will serve you best when it comes to getting the yard work done. Just as different occasions call for different styles of dress, we must be willing to change our leadership style for specific situations.  

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Amanda Lake
5 Components of Effective Co-Teaching

There are many benefits for students in a co-taught classroom, especially students with learning disabilities. Some benefits include students with disabilities having access to the general education curriculum and general education setting, opportunities for differentiated instruction and opportunities for students to receive specialized instruction in their general education classroom. Students without disabilities also benefit from classrooms with two teachers because they have access to additional support and can receive direct instruction in smaller groups. Co-taught classrooms allow teachers to learn from each other’s expertise and expand the scope of their teaching capacity.

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