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December...Plan Now for a Successful NEXT School Year

While others are counting down the days until the school's Winter Break, as a school leader this is the perfect time to think ahead to the 2018-2019 school year. What's the academic calendar going to look like? Will goals and initiatives from this school year carry over to 2018-2019 and/or will there be some new ones to plan for? What are the staffing needs going to be to accomplish those goals and initiatives? How will I integrate professional development opportunities into an already packed schedule for the faculty?

Organize yourself and your team now so you're all ready to hit the ground running in January. Before school closes for Break, schedule a few initial planning meetings for early and mid-January to kick off your work and select manageable short-term goals/tasks that can be accomplished in the midst of regular operations. Remember, technology is your friend, use it to your benefit. If you can't use it to your benefit, find the tech-fanatic on your team and let them help you become more efficient, impressive, and effective through its use. 

One note about those meetings - full team meetings aren't necessary at every meeting and "Death By Meeting" is a legitimate cause of death cited by school administrators.