Lakeside Leadership Services


Professional Development

Our workshops provide timely research-based information, delivered in a collaborative format that allows school-based leadership teams to implement the ideas and strategies we share immediately. Flexibility is a hallmark of our workshop delivery practices. We can adjust the length of sessions as needed, highlight specific topics as requested, and work together to identify the most useful planning tools to fit your school’s specific professional development needs.

The Next Generation of Educational Leaders

In this workshop we focus on the hallmarks of the Millennial Generation, discussing how their optimistic outlook, affinity for creating community, and insistence on significance in the workplace make them the perfect employees for today’s distinctive schools.  We review recent research on the Millennial Generation from the fields of business and education and lead positive strengths-based discussions on ways that school leaders can improve how they recruit, hire, and mentor Millennials to effectively develop the next generation of educational leaders.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Participants will learn new Human Resources strategies for effectively recruiting, interviewing, and hiring Millennials.
  • Participants will learn best practices that seasoned teachers can use to mentor and guide novice teachers from the Millennial Generation.
  • Participants will learn the unique leadership skills necessary for recognizing, encouraging, and developing Millennials into skilled educational leaders.

Planning For Improvement
A Step-By-Step Guide For The Year

Any educator who's worth her/his salt knows the value of a well-crafted lesson plan.  There’s a particular thrill that comes with accurately assessing your students’ background knowledge, successfully implementing activities that support rigorous objectives, and having indisputable evidence in hand that shows your students really learned what you set out to teach them! In this workshop, we present a planning tool that translates the essential elements of strategic and comprehensive planning into a familiar education-based framework. Information gathering, data reviews, professional development planning, goal setting, and resource selection will be discussed, in addition to many other essential activities for effective improvement planning. Time will be allotted for school teams to utilize the planning tool and collaborate with the instructors on their school improvement process.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Participants will recognize the similarities between the traditional educational practice of unit and lesson planning and the business-based strategic planning process.
  • Participants will be introduced to an education-based tool for yearly school improvement planning.
  • Participants will work with the instructors to complete an individualized plan for a year's worth of effective research based school improvement activities.

Teacher-Keepers 101
Retention Strategies For Keeping Great Teachers

Hiring quality teachers is a challenging enough task, but keeping those teachers at your school once you have them often takes a village! Yet retaining quality educators has been proven to improve student performance, save money, and lead to a more positive school climate for all. In this workshop we will share the most up to date costs associated with teacher turnover – they're quantifiable and much more than most leaders would care to acknowledge! Participants will have the ability to work together with the workshop instructors to plan easily implementable ideas, as well as more complex strategies, that will improve their school's ability to hire and retain great teachers. 

Workshop Objectives:

  • Participants will learn the current costs associated with teacher turnover.
  • Participants will identify "teacher-keeper" ideas that can be implemented immediately in their schools.
  • Participants will learn about high impact retention strategies that require financial commitment and long-term planning.