Lakeside Leadership Services

Lakeside Leadership Services

Education Consultants

Collaborate. Innovate. Implement.  

Lakeside Leadership Services provides educational consulting services to charter schools and private schools from its headquarters in Chester County, Pennsylvania.  Our consultants have decades of experience as educators and educational leaders. Never content with the "same old, same old" of traditional bureaucratic education, the leaders of Lakeside are at ease with change management and innovation in education. 

Whether you are a Principal interested in leadership development, a charter school CEO looking to implement a new curriculum initiative, a Board member investigating a short-term school leadership need, or a parent who wants to start a new school - private or charter, Lakeside can help. Lakeside brings extensive experience and professionalism to every school and customizes our support to a school's specific needs and concerns. Learn more about the services available from Lakeside

Lakeside consultants do hold graduate degrees, but more importantly, they have experiential backgrounds allowing them to help you solve your problem, realize a new initiative, assist with change, or manage a project. Here's a list of job titles our consultants have held over the years, as well as the job titles of colleagues they supervised:

  • Elementary Teacher, Middle School Teacher, High School Teacher, Special Area Teacher, Special Education Teacher, Library Media Specialist, School Nurse, Instructional Assistant, 
  • Instructional Coach, Mentor Teacher, Lead Teacher, Department Head, Curriculum Writer,
  • Special Education Coordinator, School Counselor, School Psychologist, Speech Therapist, Attendance Officer,
  • Human Resources Manager, Business Manager, Food Service Manager, Communication Coordinator, Reports Coordinator, Enrollment Coordinator, Administrative Assistant, Custodian,
  • Principal, Assistant Principal, Curriculum and Assessment Coordinator, Athletic Director, Before and After School Care Director, Camp Director,
  • Director of Student Services, Director of Educational Services, Director of Administrative Services, Director of Technology, Director of Operations, 
  • Chief Executive Officer (Interim and Acting), Chief Operating Officer,
  • School Founder, Board of Trustees Member, and Adjunct College Instructor. 

As you can see, if it takes place in a school or relates to a school, Lakeside Leadership has the know-how to help you with it. 

Leadership, like swimming, cannot be learned by reading about it.
— Henry Mintzberg, McGill University School of Management
Okatie, SC | Photo Credit: Amanda Lake

Okatie, SC | Photo Credit: Amanda Lake