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Our Experience

Lakeside consultants hold graduate degrees, but more importantly, we have experiential backgrounds allowing us to help you solve problems, realize new initiatives, assist with change, or manage a project. The following is a list of job titles we have held over the years, as well as the job titles of colleagues we have supervised:

  • Director of Educational Services, Director of Student Services, Adjunct College Instructor,
  • Principal, Assistant Principal, Curriculum and Assessment Coordinator, Special Education Program Coordinator
  • Instructional Coach, Mentor Teacher, Lead Teacher, Department Chair, Curriculum Writer, 
  • School Counselor, School Psychologist, Speech Therapist, Attendance Officer
  • Elementary Teacher, Middle School Teacher, High School Teacher, Special Area Teacher, Special Education Teacher,
  • Library Media Specialist, School Nurse, Instructional Assistant,
  • Athletic Director, Before and After School Care Director, and Summer Camp Director.

Amanda founded Lakeside Leadership Services in 2017, and since then we have provided consultation and support to school leaders, new school founders, and educational advocacy networks.  Our consultants share a passion for leadership development, instructional innovation, curriculum development, and educational excellence for all students. 




 Amanda Lake, Owner and Consultant

Amanda Lake, Owner and Consultant

Endorsements of Amanda Lake

Amanda sees the connectedness among people, departments, and ideas. She excels at building relationships and uses the strengths of her team to come up with the most efficient and innovative solutions and ideas. 
- Rebecca Ratti, Curriculum and Assessment Coordinator, Collegium Charter School

Amanda's "big-picture" perspective allows her to be an effective leader. Her ability to form relationships and connect ideas and objectives at multiple levels make others excited to work with her. Her style of leadership and professionalism make any working environment enjoyable. 
- Matthew McCain, Athletic Director, Coatesville Area Senior High School

What’s remarkable about Amanda is her ability to manage a team in a way that feels like a collaboration rather than an agenda. Amanda can prioritize the must-do items, while entertaining new ideas at the same time. 
- Nicole Radway, Instructional Coach, Collegium Charter School

Owner and Consultant

Amanda Lake

Amanda’s experience in educational leadership began in 2001 as a Middle School Math Teacher in a growing charter school in Pennsylvania.  As the school grew, Amanda also grew professionally, starting out as a Lead Teacher, then obtaining her Principal Certification, and serving as both an Assistant Principal and Principal before becoming the Director of Educational Services.  Her role as the Director of Educational Services provided her with the opportunity to develop the school’s present-day leadership team, as she was tasked with mentoring and coaching the school's new principals and school administrators.

Amanda’s work as an instructor for online graduate-level courses in educational leadership provided her with the opportunity to help prepare teachers for successful careers in school administration. The courses Amanda facilitated focused on the Principal's role in the recruitment and selection of new employees, as well as the evaluation and development of faculty and staff.  Amanda found it extremely rewarding to help the next generation of school leaders learn to think critically about their experiences in education, develop their leadership philosophies, and strengthen necessary skills for successful school administration.  Her time as a graduate course instructor also provided her with the chance to learn valuable lessons from the successes and challenges that educators experience in schools throughout the United States.  

As a current doctoral student in Regent University's Doctorate of Strategic Leadership program, Amanda has the benefit of participating in a cohort of students made up of executive leaders from businesses and organizations all over the world. Her perspective on educational leadership has been enriched by the research that scholars have conducted on leadership from a wide variety of professions and academic disciplines.  Since 2015, Amanda has volunteered as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for children in the foster care system, which continues to be a challenging, but extremely rewarding, experience!  When she needs a break from researching, reading, and writing, Amanda enjoys spending time with her family and church community, gardening, taking long walks in the woods with her dog, practicing photography, and fly fishing. 



Regent University
Doctorate of Strategic Leadership (DSL),
In Progress

Immaculata University
M.A., Educational Leadership and
Administration, 2005

West Chester University of Pennsylvania
BSED, Elementary Education, 1999

Pennsylvania Certifications

• Principal, PK-12, Administrative
• Mid-Level Mathematics, Instructional Level II
• Elementary Education, Instructional Level II

Professional Memberships

  • Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD)
  • Phi Delta Kappa International 
  • Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools
  • Association of Christian Schools International




 Kathleen Harding, Consultant

Kathleen Harding, Consultant

Endorsements of Kathleen Harding

Her experience as an elementary teacher allows her to understand different attitudes to reach students and staff. Through her own observations as well as collaboration with the administration, Kathleen supported the individual needs of our teachers to raise the level of instruction. She has the innate ability to build meaningful relationships with students, teachers, administrators, and parents which makes her a desirable asset to any school district.
- Rick Esche, Assistant Principal,
Solanco High School

What stands out the most about Kathleen is her character. Disciplined yet flexible, reserved yet willing to stretch, confident yet pursuant of advice. She is marked by genuine concern for those around her. When you talk with Kathleen, you have her full attention; she listens intently and speaks graciously. Her capacity and capability to lead are above reproach, and she will quickly earn your trust and confidence as a member of any team.
- Eric Carey, Principal,
Leman Virtual Academy
Leman Academy of Excellence

Kathleen is a superb educational administrator, she is supportive and creative; her interpersonal skills are exceptional; she develops relationships with teachers, students, families, and other administration. She guides grade level teams on data and teacher needs as they implement programs. Kathleen is thoughtful, but without delay in response time when she is called upon for help. Additionally, her ability to problem solve with a team is excellent
- Nicole Radway, Instructional Coach, Collegium Charter School 


Kathleen Harding

Kathleen is a seasoned educator who specializes in working with school communities to meaningfully shape and enrich teaching and learning. Kathleen has 10 years of experience as an elementary teacher in grades 2-5. After earning her Masters of Arts in Educational Leadership, Kathleen became a school administrator overseeing K-6 curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Her areas of expertise include curriculum development, the use of student achievement data to inform instruction, organizational change management, professional development, and teacher leadership.

In her role as an elementary teacher, Kathleen developed and implemented effective learning programs for her students and acted as a mentor to new teachers on elementary grade level teams. She oversaw the process of planning field trips for hundreds of students ensuring the events were content related and standards aligned. After a decade of teaching, Kathleen went on to become an administrator of curriculum and assessment for one of the largest charter schools in Pennsylvania. In this role, she helped organize and lead new schoolwide initiatives, the facilitation of tri-annual benchmark testing, the annual Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) district wide testing in grades 3-8, and the analysis of student achievement data to guide and raise the level of rigor in instructional practices. Kathleen oversaw the research, purchase, and implementation of new curriculum in three major subject areas for grades K-6. Throughout that transition Kathleen provided focused training for both teachers and administrators leading to positive school-wide change.

For over a decade Kathleen has effectively established relationships with teachers and administrators to build trust and gain rapport, experience that allows her to communicate vision and gain buy-in to promote and enact necessary changes that benefit school communities. In addition to her work as an educator, she also enjoys volunteering as a youth mentor in the local cycling community. Kathleen enjoys mountain biking, photography, and hiking in her spare time.


Immaculata University
M.A., Educational Leadership and
Administration, 2013

Southern Vermont

B.S., Psychology, 2002


Pennsylvania Certifications

•English 7-12, Instructional Level II
•Elementary Education, K-6, Level II


 Gabriela Timothy, Consultant

Gabriela Timothy, Consultant

Endorsements of Gabriela Timothy

Gabriela is very professional and dedicated and brings with her a wealth of life experiences… I am most impressed and pleased with her commitment to ensuring that students with disabilities receive the highest possible quality education in the least restrictive environment.
- Kenneth Oakes, Associate Professor, Chestnut Hill College

Ms. Timothy has made outstanding contributions to  our school community.  She is optimistic, ambitious and a true leader in education.
- Chiquo Stokes, Special Education Director, Young Scholars Charter School

Gabriela has proved to be a scholar, practitioner and a transformational leader during her time as a Lead Special Education Teacher. Her work has been impactful to students, teachers, and stakeholders.
- Kristin Cooke, Special Education Director, School District of Philadelphia


Gabriela Timothy

Gabriela Timothy is a Special Education Teacher, Learning Specialist and Educational Consultant who has been dedicated to education for almost a decade. Her career in education began as a program coordinator for at-risk schools in Philadelphia. Her focus entailed creating meaningful relationships between students and teachers in an effort to improve the academic performance, attendance and graduation rate of students at underperforming schools.  Her experience at those schools compelled her to become a classroom teacher with a focus on suppporting one of our most underserved populations, students with learning differences.

Gabriela’s years as a K-8 Special Educator and Learning Specialist revolved around passion for students with learning differences. In her role as the Lead K-8 Special Education Teacher, Gabriela revamped special education curriculum and programming by adding research-based materials, creating differentiated resources and co-teaching materials, and implementing responsive co-teaching models that were data driven and effective.

Gabriela specializes in building the capacity of special education programs. She has coordinated special education departments, led professional development sessions in the area of special education programming and effective co-teaching models. Her ultimate goal is to not only improve the quality of programs for students with learning differences, but also to  educate schools and families in the process. She has extensive experience teaching in elementary and middle school with demonstrated proficiency in innovative instructional practices that support both national standards and local vision for special education.

Gabriela has built life-long partnerships with school leaders, teachers and families. She currently works for the Philadelphia School District and supports schools and families in navigating through the special education process.  Gabriela enjoys traveling, dancing, outdoor picnics and spending time with her loved ones.


Chestnut Hill College
M.Ed., Special Education and Elementary Education, 2015

Temple University
B.A., Media Studies, Minor in African American Studies, 20

Pennsylvania Certifications

•Special Education K-12
•English 7-12